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December 14, 2010

... waiting for my morning coffee.
… waiting for my morning coffee.
… and i love my vintage coffee maker, as well as my gingerbread cookie cup, my freshly painted nails… and my comfortable green slippers! good morning monday!


camera shy momma
347 :: 365
saturday morning we spent with friends. chatting around the table with a backyard full of boys. i watched him breathless, chasing after chickens, playing in the sun wielding nerf weapons uttering phrases never before heard pass his lips “i need more bullets! give me more bullets!” full of joy and play and mischief. he is all boy and most often i am rendered speechless at this being i helped to create, a human that i grew, that somehow came through me and yet is not of me.




marie emily
more stripes
more stripes
another happy thrift find… a couple yards of this nice thin-stripe knit fabric. (it’s navy & white, but i like to pretend it’s black & white.)
i started with a pattern from everyday handmade clothes (a japanese pattern book). a nice raglan sleeve top with a more tent-ish shape (same as this shirt). i gave it extra-long sleeves and left the neckline simple. i didn’t finish the hem so it kind of rolls up… which i like.


: Elizabeth :
346/365 - December 12 2010
It was the best sort of lazy morning spent cuddling and colouring and just hanging out. She took one side and I took the other and we squeezed our chairs close together. It was simple but it was huge and this picture makes me smile in silly sweet ways. One of those moments that it’s all about.
If you can manage to get your hands on this book, it is awesome (you might just want a copy all to yourself).


Julie Alvarez
10-12-2010 Lo que pasa cuando ensayamos... / What happens when we rehearse...
Lo que pasa cuando ensayamos… / What happens when we rehearse…


Franz Walsch
3 :  39 : 48 pm= Time for tea
3 : 39 : 48 pm= Time for tea


~ sifting life
staying warm 34::52
staying warm 34::52
10 things that are bringing me joy right now…
1- the snowflakes floating from the sky
2- my warm green down jacket
3- being able to say things to my hubby and having him listen and think about what i said…which leads to great conversations
4- cuddling with my boy in the morning
5- hearing my boy sound out words
6- my girl having fun setting a new spot for her dolls
7- having an impromto visit with a friend i hadn’t seen in about a month
8- looking forward to seeing lots of amazing people this evening
9- sharing in this evening with my hubby and some close friends
10- looking forward to cozying up in a warm bed with my hubby (pictured above)


8/31 Stealing a Moment of Peace
Stealing a Moment of Peace
Picture the Holidays/Reflecting on the Season
Earlier this morning, I stole this shot of my husband who has been recuperating these past two weeks. In South africa where he grew up, Christmas hasn’t reached the commercial heights we see here in the states, but he still loves the warmth of our little tree.


my Christmas mouse
my Christmas mouse
his new thing lately is his mouse costume. i love it and want to freeze time when he’s wearing it.


48/52 Birthday
The dinner table all set up for my brother’s birthday.


the little leaf
{13th december}
{13th december}
now i have the cold too.
we stayed home and lazed around in our pyjamas all day.
Harry cheered me up when he told me that our tree is REALLY pretty!


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  1. December 14, 2010 1:35 PM

    hello!! thank you so much for including my picture here!! adorable set of moments!! šŸ™‚ have a great week! twiggs

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