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December 23, 2010

BM#35 - Mail day
Mail day
Ps: The ones who know me may be wondering why do I have red socks. Red is still not my colour at all but these were a gift so I wear them at home. 😉



the little leaf
{20th december}
it has been one of those days where i have not stopped.
even when i was having lunch i was chasing that missing internet purchase and writing (hopefully) my last christmas to do list.


the little red hen
more tree ornaments
more tree ornaments


~Shona Leah
on the counter right now


slightly everything
As we walked by the gates of the  derelict building
As we walked by the gates of the derelict building
It was utterly sad and ever so beautiful all in one. Isn’t it amazing how little moments like this can affect you.


Daddy's Girl
Daddy’s Girl
She’s been itching and miserable all day, and the only thing that helped was when daddy came home for lunch.


day 85/365
Our Christmas Tree have got something new as a ornament… our roommate is an fisherman 😀


Karla Pitts {computer woes}

I am in the process of reloading data into my new computer, watching images come in that I haven’t seen for a long time.
I took this while visiting my mother and aunt two years ago. They have had to move to a living facility. It makes me sad that they can no longer look out this window. And neither can I.


“That gesture was so unexpected and beautiful that it remained in Agnès’s memory like the imprint of a lightning bolt; it invited her into the depths of space and time and awakened in the sixteen-year old girl vague and immense longing.”


RubyT (suffering a severe shortage of light)
the end of the road
the end of the road


aia*c (going through flickr withdrawls)
the end
…but right now i am looking to the new year, a fresh start. so even though this is the end of the project, it is the beginning to something else. i am not leaving you. just taking a breather. i will still be lurking in your streams, and i will pop in to say hi.


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