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December 31, 2010



Cullen 345
77:365 Funny Story
So… funny story. I actually played music real loud in the library. I needed a beat. … It’s finals week. HA! The music masked the self timer. Music died and dipped between the stacks with my tripod being folded up. Camera around my neck camera bag sitting on a shelf. When whoever it was left. I packed up my stuff and snuck out. Totally rocked.


where’s grace?
today is one of those misserable days where the fog, the grey and damp do not go away….in fact it got mistier and mistier and more depressing.

i’ve felt very grey,

i woke feeling black

i miss the sunshine


the little leaf
{28th december}
we kept today for ourselves.
the boys got to play with all their new toys and in the afternoon we snuggle up together to watch the jungle book.
it gave us chance to breathe before the new year’s celebrations begin.



slightly everything
angel on tree  and mary
angel on tree and mary
Christmas is about so many things. I’m so happy we had a lovely one this year!


p r a y e r
p r a y e r
It was evident how much of a blessing these girls have been to Emily in her life. Even more than that, it was evident how much of a blessing she has been to them.


Shelly Conway
new beginnings...
new beginnings…
January is just around the corner and with a new it a blank slate, or journal or new beginning…
I love the idea of a new diary to plan your hopes and dreams for the year ahead….


Julie Alvarez
24-12-2010 Nochebuena / Christmas eve
Around christmas


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