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These moments Thursday

May 5, 2011

Hello all

My name is Joey and I have recently joined Kate, from the lovely slightly me, on this adventure of the Flickr group and blog These Moments.

Kate and I have been discussing the best way of working together and making the group grow and evolve; sensibly, we agreed on posting here twice a week, selecting 5 photos for each day. Thursdays are my day. Today is my first day. And what do I do? From the word go I feel unable to select only 5 of the beautiful moments you’ve submitted to the group… this is going to be interesting, I think to myself. Then I had what I will consider a light bulb moment – for my first time, I will include a few more, in themes… Cheeky, I know… but it’s only this once 🙂

Hope you like it!

::Thank you moment to Kate::

The photo I chose from Kate is not only a beautifully captured moment with soft tones and colour, it is also a bit of how I feel right now for being able to join this project. Thank you Kate!

jump down

slightly everything
jump down

::Reminding me of mornings::

first thing in the morning

first thing in the morning

when sometimes I manage to get up earlier than usually, this is the moment when everybody else is still asleep. and that is my first thing in this peaceful time: coffee, nice snack and something lightweight and inspiring to read. and I enjoy 🙂

day 217/365 [perfect morning]

day 217/365 [perfect morning]

Guniu lowe! ♥

15-11-2010 Un momento / A moment

Julie Alvarez
15-11-2010 Un momento / A moment

En la cocina con la cámara, en El Mundo de julie en el Mundo.
With the camera in the kitchen, in Julie’s World in the World.

::Little ones::


Tamar Haytayan

mother and daughter moment

mother and daughter moment

Meet Lucy, my first grandchild. She lives in Kodiak Alaska with her mom and dad… too far away. I was lucky to be there for a month, March 31st through April 30th. The time really flew by fast and I feel I didn’t get enough pictures, do we ever??? Most of our days were spent at the hospital, daily visits as my daughter not only went home with a new baby, but also a serious case of MRSA. Thank God Lucy never got it, and mom is doing much better now but it was a stressful 2-3 weeks!!! Glad to be home, but I miss them all.



Better than roses

varela family photography
Better than roses

“here’s a flower for you, mom”



My niece Norah snuck off to look through the kitchen drawers.

::Cuddly ones::

Gimme five!

Gimme five!

This is Louis in playful mood. He laughs at my jokes, too… 😉

perrito de estación

perrito de estación

En la terminal de micros de Resistencia (esperando el micro más de una hora para ir a Formosa).

ducks just get it

RubyT (so tired of thunderstorms)
ducks just get it

People should emulate them.


You can find Kate on Flickr & blog.

You can find Little Miss Joey on Flickr & blog.

::These Moments::

4 Comments leave one →
  1. May 5, 2011 9:12 PM

    I think I just commented on the wrong blog post. oh well thank you again!!!!

  2. May 6, 2011 2:06 AM

    This is awesome, I love all the photos… thanks again for the invite to the group!

  3. May 6, 2011 7:48 AM

    🙂 Thanks ladies!
    We’re happy you like it.
    Keep submitting those moments, the group is all about them 🙂

    Love x

  4. May 7, 2011 2:08 AM

    Que lindo! Gracias! 🙂

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