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These Moments Monday

June 6, 2011

windowsill cat
Little Miss Joey
windowsill cat


me a blur...
~ sifting life
me a blur…
with this heat of the south & it’s not even offically summer yet…can’t wait to head north in about 1 month for sometime with my family. including my sister & her family and my brother & his girlfriend + camping + some adventuring. have promised our girl a visit here (which will be my #2 visit).
10 things that are bringing me joy right now…
1. walk with my best friend
2. two happy dog cousins in the house
3.working on my big 5 which = “change” for the year
4. screen printing class i’m taking on tuesday & thrusday of this week
5. the growth in my garden
6. aha moments
7. my kiddos & my love for them
8. moments with friends
9. homemade cookies made by my guy
10. memories of NYC


plans on hold
plans on hold
what else can I say?


Random sticker I saw on a call box
Runner Girl 44
Random sticker I saw on a call box


To be in your child's memories tomorrow, be in his life today.
To be in your child’s memories tomorrow, be in his life today.
Not sure where I first heard this quote, but I often think of it.


Al fin en casa
Al fin en casa
Tratando de volver de a poco a llenar mis espacios fisicos y virtuales. Ultmamente fascinada con las luces de mi casa.
Home At Last
Trying to return a bit to fill my physical and virtual spaces. LATTU fascinated by the lights of my house.


Certe luci non puoi spegnerle
Certe luci non puoi spegnerle
…certe luci ci illuminano ancora di più.dopo 15 anni sempre uguali, più cresciamo, e più torniamo bambine! Happy b-day my dear friend Nanni!
Some lights can not turn them off … some lights enlighten us even more. after 15 years and over, we grow more and more girls back!




Waiting Pigeon
Red Kiwi Photography
Waiting Pigeon
it wanted my pizza.


JuNe 4/30 - {all day outdoor}
{all day outdoor}
wybiegali się jak dzikie zające 😀
ran like a wild hare: D

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  1. June 6, 2011 5:15 PM

    Wonderful entries this week, and thanks for the feature! : )

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