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moments with… light

June 26, 2011

BM#58 - Sunny browns
Sunny browns
At realworld farmville.
Have a great week.


For the ones who love analog photography theres no moment like see a fresh negative. So many expectations, so many emotions.


Teenage Life: What"ll we do with ourselves ?
Teenage Life: What”ll we do with ourselves ?
“What”ll we do with ourselves this afternoon ” cried Daisy, “and the day after that, and in the next 30 years?” Very Fitzgeraldian mood


cultivate the land
Little Miss Joey
cultivate the land


In the Tall Grass
alwaysmichellerene- As caught up as I’m gonna get
In the Tall Grass
There are a couple of houses in our neighborhood that people have walked away from since the real estate market crashed. Nobody is maintaining the yards, so the grass is now waist deep and setting seeds. When we take a walk, the kids love running around in it and hiding. Makes for pretty pictures, despite the circumstances.


Vineyard Sunburst
Cynthia Brown Images
Vineyard Sunburst
[235/365] hi all! One more exam to go and I’ll be back! sorry i haven’t been commenting on your photos – I’ve had my head deep in statistics and cognition! can’t wait to get back to flickr proper! i’m just brain dead this afternoon so thought I’d sneak a quick pic in…hope you like it! I had some fun light play up at our vineyard earlier in the month…it was so pretty 🙂 Hope you’re all well!


Bruno Bernardi


You know what they say...
Runner Girl 44
You know what they say…
The reflection of the Apple logo off the back of my MacBook at 5:30 in the morning. Before coffee. I know it’s backwards, but it was reflecting off the tile backsplash I have in my kitchen and I thought it was pretty cool. ; )
I had my coffee directly after this was taken.


forest at Grandfather
Red Kiwi Photography
forest at Grandfather
on Grandfather Mountain.


all these lights and more shine when i think of you
slightly everything
all these lights and more shine when i think of you…
and as it happens you have been on my mind an awful lot lately…

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  1. June 26, 2011 11:43 AM

    light, like a space

  2. June 28, 2011 8:45 PM

    Visiting this blog is really inspiring.
    Ps: Thanks for including my pic. 🙂

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