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These Moments Monday

August 22, 2011

232 || 365
on the way to the movies.


and when it rains
and when it rains
the library is the best place to go 😉


After waking
Cardboard Sea {busy}
After waking
Up until about a month ago, Henry never showed any particular interest in stuffed animals. When we took him in for the echocardiogram, the staff gave him a teddy bear, which stays in his crib most of the time.
Pooh, on the other hand, goes with him for naps in our bed.


came across this picture of tim I snapped in 2006, when we were traveling. I had just taken him past my old apartment. can you believe I used to walk this road all the time?


lady i swear by all flowers
in the kitchen.


first day of school....
first day of school….
i dont care if it is their senior and sophmore year…I will get first day of school pictures out of them
and they know better to complain
lets see….what memories were made this morning…
first day of school of the last year he will be in high school
first day of school for him to actually be in high school.
first day of school of the last year they will be in the same school EVER
first day of school where they wont be riding the bus
first day of school he will not have a para in class with him
I worry…so much and like so many parents out there…you know the worry…did I make the right decisions, do the right steps, pray the right prayer????? urgh…I always get like this at the begining of every school year. And all they do is look at it like its an adventure… life is SO fun for them right now…
I already have the scrapbook pages figured out…so many feelings to express, to capture and get written down in the books for future generations.


My older boys are so silly in front of the camera. I’ve decided to just go with it. Here’s Justin doing his thing. I used Addicted and Hush Now on this image.


playing hairdresser
aviary [images]
playing hairdresser


Bill at the Acqua Restaurant, NYC
Bill at the Acqua Restaurant, NYC
Bil and I were out for dinner at the Acqua Restaurant, in the Seaport district, lower manhattan. It is near the Brooklyn Bridge. As you can see he was sitting reading the menu – the lights were low and all around the restaurant there were little candles and twinkle lights in the window that created a wonderful environment. It was our first time to the restuarant, the service was great, and the food did not disappoint. This is one place we will go back to with our next visit to NYC.


Little Miss Joey


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  1. ollielook@thesky permalink
    August 24, 2011 11:55 AM

    nice collection of photographic moments.

  2. August 25, 2011 10:26 PM

    Aren’t the little boys in the kitchen darling? Lovely set.

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