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Moments With…School

September 17, 2011

today the big kiddos went back to school, so she painted.
today the big kiddos went back to school, so she painted.
And as much as I’ve dreaded the return of early mornings and homework, I really did savor the quiet time at home with just her…


Stephanie Caldwell
we made a choice.
to school at home.
we made a choice.
to approach school from a very different perspective.
project learning. (inquiry-based, child-directed, reggio inspired)
this week :
she showed me she knew things i thought she didn’t.
and she learned about things i didn’t even know about.
she learned things because she wanted to…not because she had to.
we made a good choice.


It wasn’t an easy morning for her. Her sister left for her first day of school (ever). I was trying to keep a stiff upper lip, but truth is, I felt the emptiness too.


if you were here...
if you were here…
…you’d notice how oddly quiet the house just became.
And that’s with only her at school. I just had the last bits of bravado kicked out of me thinking about him starting kindergarten this time next week.
It won’t last – life moves quick and we adjust too fast for the blues to take root – but damn this first morning back, it stops me in my steps every September and makes me count the hours until she’s back to tell me every excited detail.
Kids! They mess you up!


Getting Ready for Quincy
Laurence’s Pictures
Getting Ready for Quincy
The Metea Valley High School (Aurora, IL) football team enters the field, together.


First Day of School, They're Off!
First Day of School, They’re Off!
Yesterday was the first day of school. This was shot at the bus stop. The girls and I love this photo ~ it shows their different personalities and senses of style. I am happy to report that both girls really enjoyed their first day back!
8th graders left for school late to give 7th graders orientation time, Emma was so thrilled to be there to help send off Annie with love and good wishes.


35:52 "history"
35:52 “history”
dear photograph, where does the time go? she is growing up too fast.
i have loved the dear photograph concept eversince i saw it… the past in the present… so neat!
i am anxious to do something similar with photos of my dad from the house he grew up in and still lives in… but for now, here’s my baby girl on her first day of preschool (2003). it is a tradition i do every year… first day of school… on the front steps! (i think most mom’s do…) ha!


Begging for MERCY!
Begging for MERCY!
Zach’s expression was priceless as the bus turned onto our street! “Please, Mom..PLEASE..GOOOOO!!!!!” I guess it is not cool on the first day of school for your Mom to be in pink jammies taking pictures:)


Momentous Moment
Milk n Beans
Momentous Moment
Bit of a big day for Theo as he started ‘big’ school full time. I captured this photo when he got home after his first day – just check out that dirty uniform! – looks like he enjoyed himself.
I am hoping to do this every year, it will be sweet to see how Theo grows and how his handwriting changes over the years.


back to school
back to school
Today is the first day of school here. My girls are going into 6th grade and 9th grade (first day of high school!).
Last year was their first year in school after homeschooling their whole lives. That first day was busy and intense. I remember thinking that morning “how on earth do people do those first-day-of-school photos?”
This year was so much easier. Although I can’t imagine I will ever stop worrying.
In other news: I’ll be leading our local Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in Hudson, NY. I’ve already seen one flickr friend sign up, and if anyone else wants to come join us, the sign up is here. It’s wordy, I know. I’m still finetuning the description.
And if you’re not in my area, sign up to join or lead a walk near you!


Christ Church College Hall
Little Miss Joey
Christ Church College Hall

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  1. September 17, 2011 7:07 PM

    Really great collection of moments! Beatiful stories and photographs! Very lovely.

  2. September 17, 2011 9:35 PM


  3. September 19, 2011 12:52 PM

    Bless beauty_goodness_truth’s little girl, so sad and so cute!

    A post full of emotion.

  4. September 19, 2011 5:19 PM

    Lovely images and stories…

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