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These Moments Monday

January 16, 2012


My sweet son, Josh, working hard to build an outdoor kitchen w/wood fired pizza oven for my Big 5-0!!!



so many books, so little time ..


seven 3:366

seven 3:366

Seven kisses when you wake,
Seven candles on your cake.

Happy Birthday, sweet Emmalein.


Cardboard Sea {busy}


This is why I need a good macro lens.


just me
Adriana Varela Photography
ust me

Went on a little hike today with my son’s. My 8 year old wanted to take a photo of me. I am going to attempt a photo a day or 365. Hopefully I can keep up.


january 16.
mama-pan {this is marzipan.}
january 16.

owen is six now, and these conversations (about race, discrimination, violence–and peace and responsibility) are taking on more meaning each year. we went to the museum today, to talk, to remember.



Day 14...
Day 14…

…this sweet couple were in line in front of me today. I asked them if I could take their picture…at first they were hesitant, but when I explained what it was for “What Life Is All About”, they were flattered. They’ve been married for 57 years! Wow! That’s a long time! It was really sweet…I think the reality of it hit them and they walked to their car holding hands 🙂

Day 14 – 01.14.12


bath night

bath night

January 12, 2012 ~ 300/365

300?! I can taste the finish line. Although, my husband just rolls his eyes and thinks I’ll just start all over again.


Dad's birthday cake
Little Miss Joey

Dad’s birthday cake

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  1. Cat permalink
    January 17, 2012 4:37 AM

    I LOVE the shot of the elderly couple and the accompanying story. So awesome. 🙂

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