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These Moments Monday

October 8, 2012

Under the Bridge

Under the Bridge

The murky water under that bridge calls to him, every single time 🙂


afternoon yard
magnetised by life

afternoon yard


Coffee Cake & Cards

Coffee Cake & Cards

Today could not have been happier. Overcast, cozy, laughter throughout the house. Baking, kids and husband coming and going through the kitchen, stopping to keep me company. Our college football team won today! which made us all scratch our heads in wonder and amazement because their season thus far has been far from great. We didn’t do much, didn’t carry out the plans we had intended, but today could not have more perfect.


What's up?

What’s up?

All but one of my dogs checking out what I’m doing in the yard. I love when they poke their little heads out through the railing.


looking down from up above
betsy blue

looking down from up above

I’ve got an angel
She doesn’t wear any wings
She wears a heart that can melt my own
She wears a smile that can make me wanna sing
She gives me presents
With her presence alone
She gives me everything I could wish for
She gives me kisses on the lips just for coming home
– Jack Johnson

Life has been hard lately. Overwhelming and tiring and there are a lot of days I feel as though I’m on the edge of some kind of breakdown. I feel pulled in every direction. Too little time for everything that I want to fit in. Plus (and this is likely the biggest reason): My mom’s cancer is back. And they can’t… I don’t even want to finish that sentence. I’m a momma’s baby and I always have been, all 42 years I’ve been lucky enough to have her.

I just hope I can be half as good a mom.
I need to focus on the light. I need to focus on those eyes.

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