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These Moments Monday

March 18, 2013



I love to catch little snippets of real life. We had a great day with the grands Friday…beautiful weather, a walk to the playground, sidewalk chalk, bubbles after nap time, and a birthday celebration for Hannah’s aunt and daddy. We packed a lot of smiles into the day, but Hannah bumped her mouth on the swing and there were BIG tears. I snapped this on the way home as G-Pa was comforting. I know I’m looking through “Grammy goggles”, but I love it.

Nikon D5000, 105mm

grateful for health, for quiet, for help, for color, for dreams, for the collective good we are all capable of, and amish friendship bread. (it’s not amish::it’s a grown up chain letter and i finally did it… but won’t pass it on.)
What She Sees . . .

What She Sees . . .

She sees our back patio, pine tree and the magnolia tree. What I see is love.

misty morning

misty morning

11/52 weeks project

Sweet Carolain
good morning bedhead...
slightly everything
good morning bedhead…

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