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These Moments Thursday

May 16, 2013

When the little one's bed is empty
When the little one’s bed is empty
by bunte-knete
.. he might be in the other one’s.

Once I checked the boys beds at night before going sleeping for myself I was wondering about the little one. Did he fell off the bed without me noticing?
When checking about the bif brother I found that party of two under one cover.

by Alideck Photography
i love all of his funny obsessions. it used to be shoes. now it’s kai’s hat and scooter….
even though he can’t make it move.

by dream.crb
I love shooting at the beach.. I really don’t know why , not one person has ever said anything negative or questioned me or gave me a nasty look.
I try to blend in , I lay low, waiting like a cat.
thank you for comments on previous image..
This was the man searching, waiting for his moment.

my mother's hand
my mother’s hand
by windwings_twice

by trish.papadakos


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