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These Moments Thursday

October 10, 2013

andrea meisgeier…
Back in June, I wandered around the woods on my hometown, to search for natural beauty, going back to nature photography.
As I have come to a point in which I mainly work as a portrait and wedding photographer, I no longer have all the time to go out and it’s so easy to find myself buried under hundreds of files to edit.
It feels good and I love what I do, when it comes to capturing people. But there’s something about capturing nature and its changes and characteristics. We can tell someone to look to the other side or just turning the head that way to look better, even if it’s a natural photoshoot, in nature you have to work with what you have. It’s so challenging at the same time.
kelly ishmael
there is this house down the street from us. it is so sad and run-down. the old woman and her grandson who live there have no interest it fixing it up. her yard is totally overgrown and no joke on one side side it is covered with what i am sure is many years of self-seeded cosmos. my husband and i happened to be walking by yesterday afternoon and we stopped for a minute to untangle the dogs’ leashes. and that’s when i saw dozens of monarch butterflies. oh be still my heart.
Eastview Photography
When I was a kid I worked as a darkroom tech with the State of New York in the capitol building in Albany. It was a state job (ah hem) and well we had a lot of time on our hands and all the photography equipment we wanted. It was there that I was introduced to the Diana..a little black plastic camera. I fell in love with it…the surreal images, the light leaks and all of it’s imperfections. I was beside myself this semester when our teacher announced that our final project in my photo 102 class would be with a Holga. It all came back to me so quickly…fumbling around trying to roll a reel a film, the smell of all the chemicals, the thrill of watching your print come up in the developer. I spent 7 hours in the darkroom one day last week..I’m addicted. I’m already trying to figure out how to turn my bathroom into a darkroom!
Kelly Clark

I like to wake early. I like the animal-quiet of the predawn. I like to bring up the sun and feel he’s all mine for the taking. I like the steamy rush of my breath blending with the frosty air. I like to stand very still, imagine I’m just one more redwood in the forest, and wait for the robins to land on my shoulders.

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