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These Moments Thursday

November 7, 2013

my heart, my world
my heart, my world
by naomiella

mommy, i have a surprise for you! 310.365
mommy, i have a surprise for you! 310.365
by tara on the wander
usually jack is the one to bring home little treasures for me. tonight was the first time dylan did and it was so stinkin’ sweet. i am grateful that we live in a place that really allows them to discover the wonders of the world around them. that said, we’re already entering the next cycle of wondering where we will live this coming july. one option (the option of staying completely put) was eliminated last week, and for that, i am also grateful, but that is probably a topic for another day.
30 days of gratitude :: day 6

18.5 weeks
by alisonbents
18.5 weeks
**Note to self: must remember to take these on the weekends. It’s getting to be too dark after work to do them without massive ISO bumping and post manipulation.

sneaking a peek
sneaking a peek
by jordan parks

by SGW Photography

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