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These Moments Thursday

November 14, 2013

Day 213 - 365 River
Day 213 – 365 River
Here is another one from a senior photo session I did.

I shot this photo with my Canon 7D with the 50mm 1.2L lens
Day 13
Day 13
On our recent trip out to Wyoming, we were hoping for warm sunny days… instead we got cold, snowy days… and this, which turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the trip. Climbing up 10,000 feet… up snow-covered mountain roads and then rounding the corner to this.

I’m thankful that we don’t always get what we ask for…
And for a guy who gets out of the car in the bitter cold to snap a shot of me, with me completely oblivious to the act (or to my frozen hands and feet)… too focused on my camera trying to see what I got. 🙂
12-11-2013 I almost forgot...
Julie Alvarez
12-11-2013 I almost forgot… much I love to work with fabric.
Hicklin Wedding
Shooting Dave
Hicklin Wedding
Back from the middle of summer! Something I don’t normally share a lot of but here is a wedding that I shot for my good friend Rob and his lovely wife Krysten.
Fabian in the woods
Fabian in the woods

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