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These Moments Thursday

January 23, 2014


by Linda Owens
practicing is always so much better when you wear red sparkly polish. (could someone please dust the piano?)


by Luisina Serenelli
Mi gata Frida tiene 11 años, me acompaña desde hace muchos años, desde que vivía en otra ciudad. Siempre está ahí para mí.

Oven Fresh

Oven Fresh
by Tom Landretti
The simple joy of homemade bread.


by kelly ishmael
so one of neighbors apparently left their sprinkler system on overnight. made the prettiest icicles.

i doubt very seriously when they woke up and discovered that their front yard was covered in ice that they were thinking about how the icicles would twinkle in the setting sun. probably much more of an ‘oh shit’ moment.

but it was a reminder to me that sometimes my ‘oh shit’ moments can hold beauty for someone else.

major attitude adjustment.


by KivetOnRock

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