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These Moments Thursday

February 20, 2014

Fun Florida Fair

Fun Florida Fair
by Marta Rhine
Want to know what my favorite part of the fair is? The signs and lights. I love the old-timey feel of it all, the pinks, reds, the neon glow of all the lights on the rides.
This ‘candy’ sign was among my favorite of the day. How perfect that it was next to these beautiful tall palms. It is Florida after all!

47 | 365

47 | 365
by Lindy Pfaff
Waiting for daddy to get home with her corsage for the daddy daughter dance.

Impatiens at home

Impatiens at home
by healingmoments
Since a few months ago I am being able to grow plants at my house again. I always liked them, but except when I was a young student, all my attempts have ended up not very well. (…)
Impatiens is a genus of about 850 to 1000 species of flowering plants. Here they are commonly named the joy of the house. (…)

read more on my blog:

49 :: 365

49 :: 365
by Twiggs_Claudia
A walk in the neighbourhood with my dog and I just happened to pass by two houses with magnolia trees in full bloom! I was just sorry for not having my zoom lens and just the 50mm, but I got to capture a very smooth light nonetheless!

Happy Wednesday folks!

day 48

day 48
by slycat54
i was up at 6:00am to talk with jordan
who was in Florida for the night
how good it was to start the day with him
i checked the pass and it was closed
and it stayed closed most of the day ~ heavy snow and pile ups
we saw a break and packed the car
only to find it closed again
due to collisions
by this time it was evening
snow was falling heavy across the mountains
and when it opened he left
someone has to work
i stayed back
another sleep at real home
i should have never brought my own car over
i might be here until spring

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  1. February 20, 2014 2:53 PM

    Thanks so much!

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