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These Moments Thursday

June 5, 2014

Way Home

Way Home
by j_arlecchino

149 :: 365

149 :: 365
by Hello Twiggs
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2014.05.29 – Last week… it rained and it was cold. Today it feels like summer. The weather is crazy, but still I loved capturing the rain like this! We took a day off on Thursday to be with our family for a lunch and took a walk in the woods! It was such a lovely day!

{ 16/52 } memory of a day at the fairy pool

{ 16/52 } memory of a day at the fairy pool

by Caterina Neri
I hope to find strenght to write about these days I’m living on the blog as soon as possible. For now, here’s week sixteen (previous week).

Stranger #10: Estelle

Stranger #10: Estelle
by Annie Bakopoulos
I did it, I did it! Finally took another stranger photo! This project is really challenging for me and I think ultimately it has made me realize that I care too much about what random people think of me. I don’t think I am the only one who feels this way but I assume that people will think I’m ‘crazy’ if I just approach them with my camera, though in reality, what I have found is that people are generally welcoming and very open to the project! Even intrigued!
This is Estelle. I was waiting outside my condo building when I saw her bright dress and colorful umbrella. I began to tell her about the project when she interrupted me and said “Sorry my umbrella is caught in my hair, can you help me?”
Estelle studied and works in Marketing in Montreal. Originally from Ontario, but loves Montreal and seems pretty happy with her choice to move to this province. We spoke about how we love NDG and our local bakery (Chez Fred, see Stranger #1).
I asked Estelle what advice she might give herself right when she moved here, knowing what she knows now about Montreal. “Don’t be afraid of the cold”. That definitely reminded me not to complain about the humidity and heat that Montreal summers tend to bring, since before we know it, it’s going to be snowing again.
Thanks Estelle for being so wonderfully friendly.
I am making a promise to myself to be less self-conscious with this project and put myself out there. It’s tough, but I’m giving it my all.
Until next time,
❤ Annie
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Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

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