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These Moments Thursday

July 10, 2014

I wanted to try to capture a rock splashing into the water on a recent fly fishing trip over the July 4th weekend. My daughter was agreeable to helping me out, but when I noticed her rolling her eyes as she threw Rock #10, I knew I better nail the shot. She’s a good sport, that girl.
Shadow Photography
Shadow Photography
Polaroid Land Camera 250 Automatic – Fuji 3000b
187/365 ~ summer fun
three times a charm
Today I took my kids to the quarry for the first time. The former limestone quarry located in St. Marys, Ontario was rehabilitated for swimming in the 1930’s and is the largest freshwater pool in Canada. They have two floating docks which you can swim out to and relax on and they also have two diving boards and a section of cliffs you can jump off of. Since it was the kids first time there they had a blast jumping into the water. I was quite impressed with both kids. Ashley has always been a strong swimmer and never apprehensive of the water but my son used to be and he impressed me today by jumping off the cliffs. Because he is under 10 he had to take a swim test with a lifeguard once we got there to see if he could pass. If he didn’t pass he would have had to wear a life jacket. Not that wearing a life jacket is bad, he was just wanting to show he could do it all on his own. He had to tread water for three minutes then swim out to the floating dock and back two times, all without stopping and having to hold on to anything. I thought that was a little tough on a kid but since the water is deep and over everyone’s heads the swimmers there have to be strong enough to stay safe if they are going to swim without life jackets on. After he passed the swim test he went right over to the diving board and did a cannon ball into the water, then he followed his sister over to the cliffs and jumped in just like she did. It was a perfect afternoon and I am sure it won’t be long until we go back. 🙂

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