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These Moments Thursday

October 2, 2014

vegan pumpkin spiced soup ♥

vegan pumpkin spiced soup ♥

by Caterina Neri
Sai che è arrivato l’Autunno quando, fra le altre cose, inizi a cucinarti uno dei tuoi piatti preferiti..dal sapore caldo e avvolgente. Sapori antichi, che parlano di semplicità, di casa..

You know it’s Autumn when you start cooking one of your favourite recipes ever..a very simple and easy pumpkin soup. Vegan (of course). Spiced with black pepper and nutmeg. Love ♥

take more play breaks

take more play breaks
by Stacy vitallo

Week 37 : Light

Week 37 : Light
by Lisa Epp
One of my favorite things to capture.. light, mornings. and luckily for me, both my dogs seek out the light in the morning. They will sit where ever the light is. I love that they do that.

A foggy autumn morning

A foggy autumn morning
by Ana

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