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These Moments Thursday

April 9, 2015

a piano sometimes works like a time travel machine
by Makis loakimidis

a piano sometimes works like a time travel machine

it turn my friends mother into a small girl. Singing and dancing…
by a.has

Even though I’m not so sure how 33% of a bus stop shatters perfectly, it did make for a pretty cool pre-7am-photo-op.

Also?This is basically how my brain has felt over the past 72 hours…which is probably evidenced by how much I’ve been cooking and needed to keep moving/busy. Life, I’m ready for you to normalize.

Little sparrow
by Anastasia

Little sparrow

The new routine.

by danielle waage

Every morning this week she comes out of her bedroom crying because she doesnt want to go to school. She crys some more for her best friend she wishes was in her class to give her a little comfort. Breaks my heart every. single. morning.

by Beth Lehman

what i want to remember about this day :: her love for this shirt (plaid and flannel, both!), how she is devouring dan brown novels, the gift that it is to greet them after their school day, their help in the kitchen, and how going to bed early feels better than staying up too late.

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