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These Moments Friday (TGIF!)

May 15, 2015

Letting it rain.

Letting it rain.
by danielle waage

Loving me isn’t easy...

Loving me isn’t easy…
by Kristina VF
“Loving me isn’t easy, I have sharp edges, I have missing parts.”
—Donte Collins

2015-05-13 ... Bella

2015-05-13 … Bella
by {Carol Elliott}
It rained all last night and most of today. The games of fetch were few and far between. I’m not fond of standing in the rain throwing the ball. Bella doesn’t understand why.

Rainy day gardening

Rainy day gardening
by Alena L
Rainy spring days are best spent gardening. Well, gardening in the way a city-witch can garden. My mother brought these Chives for me the other day and I finally got around to giving it a proper pot. Chives are one of my favourite herbs. I love mixing it together with kermaviili, it gives just enough spice when I don’t feel like adding garlic. Chives smell heavenly, to me at least. I look forward to growing my collection of herbs, hopefully getting them a perfect place on my balcony.

135/365 - 15

135/365 – 15
by Margie O’Hara
Allium is starting to bloom in the garden. Giving the yard a magical feel of Spring.

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