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These Moments Tuesday

August 25, 2015

by jordan parks

when we were in gulf shores last week, there was some freak jelly fish apocalypse thing going on. you could swim for a couple of hours and then hundreds and hundreds of jellyfish came in with the tide. we saw so many of these monsters.
chalon dans la rue 2015
chalon dans la rue 2015
by oudjat45
They don’t speak much. In their convicts’ uniforms, they try to blend in. Their glances are malicious. Their smiles are fierce. Their intentions aren’t clear, they must be up to no good. And then, suddenly, the music starts.
by Malina Saval
by Edyta Grazman33/52 People
33/52 People
by Melisa
Full of energy, full of life, full of laughter… world with my three favorite people!

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